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Clipping path service providers. We assure high quality, affordable prices, our experienced senior graphics designers, time maintain and 24 x 7 hours online support.


About us

About CPA

The Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) was founded in January, 2016 as an outsourcing service provider. Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) we are from Dhaka, Bangladesh; our corporate office based in US and Newzeland is an in-house outsourcing company. Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) does image processing services according to your requirements. We provide offshore Image Services in Bangladesh. We process images such changing background, Image cleansing, resizing accordingly as per your needs.


  1.  We have 25 experienced and dedicated designers in a very high educational background.
  2.  We have enough high configured computers (PC & MAC) to perform all types of projects.
  3.  We are using two internet service providers routing through different channel as a backup connection.
  4.  We have enough bandwidth for transferring files timely.v) We have 50 kV own standby power generator and 4000 VA IPS model for power disaster.
  5. We are working here 24 hours a day by 3 shifts in 365 days in a year.


Greetings from Clipping Path Adobe!!

Clipping Path Adobe (CPA), provide with Clipping Path and other Image Processing Services [e.g. Photo Editing, Image Masking, Photo Retouching, Photo Enhancing, and Image Re-sizing, Cropping, and Trimming for making the images suitable for web content.

Clipping Path Adobe (CPA), provide the best quality image manipulation services at a low cost. By outsourcing your images to us, you can save your precious time and money.

Services at a Glance

If digital imaging is not your core part, you can outsource your image to us and thereby you can concentrate on your core business, we will play that part for you. Clipping Path Adobe (CPA), is an in-house outsourcing company. We do image processing services according to your requirements. We provide offshore Image Services in Bangladesh. We process images such changing background, Image cleansing, re-sizing as per your needs. In the way of imaging, Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) holds the experts who is the best and skilled in clipping path as silo path, multi-clipping path, color path, Image masking as Photoshop masking, mask out pictures, soft mask, channel mask, alpha channel mask, retouching, photo background removal, knockout mask, image cut out services etc.

Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) do professional clipping path service to all business types, including Marketing, Promotional, and Graphic Artist.  We can enhance your photos by retouching services, image manipulation on it. Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) offer top quality logo design or raster to vector in Illustrator services. Our clipping path services or sometimes called isolating image services are quick with best possible quality and very cost effective.


Background Remove Services

Background Remove
Background Remove

Background remove is a system of changing the unexpected portions of the photo us that the photo does not quick as a self-contained rectangle. If you sell on Amazon then you must be conscious that Amazon does not allow to upload photos together any color background. As per Amazon rules if you expect to upload the picture that must be on a white background. This rule has been made to control the constant look of all the element photos which increases the overall user’s skill and lack of amazon accounts. Similarly, it is necessary for your website to upload photos together one color background. We at trust e-commerce, supply background removal services. We have a separate team of picture editing performers who have gained expertise in this system. Customers mostly want us to make image background white so that can focus on the desired photo. There are many factors that make people opt for such services. We have tasked on many material lines and assisted many factories with our background removal services.

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Photo Retouching Services

Summary of Photo retouching service

Photo retouching removes the skin imperfections and alternative spots from the initial image, creating it much smoother and lighter. We term it as photo retouching services, portrait retouching and photo restoration.

Photo retouching service can require a considerable measure to generate or obtain, so discovering a modest defect on a vital shot you supposed was immaculate can squander a considerable measure of time, as well as all the more essentially, cash. Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) have worked with many organizations everywhere throughout the world to help enhance their Photo retouching services through our : professional photo retouching services administration – evacuating spots or defects from photo and also more progressed color adjustment work. We can uproot unsightly checks from any surface and guarantee that your photo restoration is impeccable in each way. Maybe you require a model’s teeth to be whiter than white, or need to evacuate a foundation – Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) is a professional photo retouching and can go into promise that your pictures are finalized exactly the way you want.

Reasons behind the best

If you need to add warmth and sparkle to photo restoration for a magazine layout or restore skin parts and surface to a photograph that was gravely lit, Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) have the adroitness and setup to help swiftly and effectively. We can enhance regular shades and tone to outside image or add new components to indoor photograph shoots. Whatever you require, our picture preparing administrations can offer assistance.

Eight simple steps of Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) for photo retouching also state below:

To begin, dispose of the clear smudges. The mending instrument is composed because of this. Basically hold ALT and click a clean spot of skin (change the brush measure to start with, if needed) then afterward click the blemish. Rehash on all undesired spots.

  1. Remove the yellow teeth: Choose the teeth with one in all the lasso tools and glue into a replacement layer. Masking helps if you decide on an excessive amount of the realm and want to erase components of the gums/lips. Use the selective color adjustment to get rid of yellow
  2. Use the blur tool to even out skin tone. Use the blur tool and paint over the skin, ensuring to not re-evaluate outstanding elements of the face, just like the eyes or hair.
  3. Give the skin a healthy color, once more use the selective color adjustment and play with the red tones. This can facilitate get eliminate unnatural skin tones. You’ll be able to additionally boost the saturation of the whole photograph to relinquish it an additional vivid look. Click ctrl-U (or command-U on a Mac) to mention the Hue/Saturation adjustment dialog box.
  4. Sharpen key areas, this can facilitate bring the person a lot of to life. Hair, eyes, noses etc typically look higher with additional sharpness. However, doesn’t use an excessive amount of or it’ll look sandy. You’ll be able to sharpen the image by selection mistreatment the sharpen tool and dynamical the brush size.
  5. Use the diffuse filter (Filter>Stylize>Diffuse..) helps even out options and offers the person a “softer” look. Run the filter and fade it to 40-50%. This can provides it that soft glamour shot look.
  6. Duplicate the layer (Layer>Duplicate Layer) then totally desiderate it (Shift-Ctrl-U). Set the mixing choice (found within the upper-left-hand corner of the layers palette) of the desiderated layer to “overlay”. Next experiment with the Gaussian blur filter (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.) as desired (A pixel-width of 3-5 ought to work). This can build most photos even softer look, whereas maintaining their sharpness.
  7. Use the sharpen filter if the image appearance a little too soft or use the sharpen brush to accent uninteresting areas.

Drop shadow service

Drop shadow service by Clipping Path Adobe (CPA)

Drop Shadow
Drop Shadow

Summary of Drop shadow service: Drop shadow service is the another popular service of Clipping Path Adobe (CPA). Drop shadows make a feeling of profundity and composition it’s giving the feeling that the object is marginally raised above its background. With the help of blending and softening strategies, Clipping Path Adobe (CPA) can make drop shadows that precisely emulate their natural counterparts. We provide Css drop shadow services to make your product attractive.

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